Pete Zimmer | Drummer
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Zimmer’s dry ride pulse, simple but effective rhythms and even-keeled time feel recall everyone from Kenny Washington and Joe Farnsworth to Jimmy Cobb.
— DownBeat magazine, Ken Micallef, december 2008
Pete Zimmer; an alert drummer and engaging composer
— The New Yorker, december 2011
Zimmer’s drumming boasts a crisp, swinging command with judicious musicality.
— Modern Drummer magazine

Pete Zimmer Quintet; Pete Zimmer drums; Michael Rodriguez trumpet; Joel Frahm tenor saxophone; Toru Dodo piano; David Wong bass; Live at Small Jazz Club, NYC; August 26, 2018. "Search" composed by Pete Zimmer Video by Adam Smith


Performing Joel Frahm's "A Whole New You" Pete Zimmer drums; Michael Rodriguez trumpet; Joel Frahm tenor sax; Rick Germanson piano; David Wong bass; Live at Birdland Jazz Club, NYC Feb 18 2018 Video by Adam Smith.

Pete Zimmer Quartet featuring Jeremy Pelt "Common Man" composed by Pete Zimmer, Pete Zimmer drums; Jeremy Pelt trumpet; Avi Rothbard guitar; David Wong bass; Recorded live to two-track at Jazz Factory, Louisville, KY September 2007.

Smoke Jazz Club NYC, Pete Zimmer drums; George Garzone tenor sax; Peter Bernstein guitar; Peter Slavov bass; "Carefree" Composed by Pete Zimmer, May 9th, 2012.

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